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Vintage taxis, Long Island City, April 12 - 3
Park and ride
Seagram Building [1948-54]- New York
Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway and Queensboro Bridge
Empire State of Mind
Vintage taxis, Long Island City, April 12 - 2
Little Mice at Serendipity III
Way way down
Seagram Building
Ceramic dogs
New York's finest, Mies van der Rohe's Seagram building 1958 #usa #america #nyc #newyork #seagrambuilding #miesvanderrohe
Aerial view of Queensboro Bridge
Serendipity 3
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About 10027 Zip Code

One of the most notable locations of Zip 10027 has to be the West Harlem Piers Park. Once upon a time, Piers Park used to be a parking lot. Today, however, it is a 2 acre waterfront oasis that connects the neighborhood to the Riverside Greenway. The New Piers space is perfect for activities like water tours, fishing, ecological exploration and boating.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region.

Breaking it Down: The Zip is bounded by West 133rd Street and West 140th Street, right up to 5th Avenue and Marcus Garvey Park in the East; to the South is 120th Street; and right over Morningside Park to West 114th Street alongside Henry Hudson Parkway lies in the West.

Zipping Alongside: 10115, 10026, 10030, 10031, 10037 and 10025.

About Zip 10027:
The 5 Neighborhoods that make for Zip 10027 are Harlem neighborhood, Manhattanville neighborhood, Morningside Heights neighborhood, St. Nicholas Terrace (Sugar Hill) neighborhood and Uptown neighborhood.

Parking at Morningside:
The Morningside Park is located between 110th and 123rd Streets; and is a well known public park in NYC. At the park is a Memorial Statue dedicated to Carl Schurz. The Park had once gotten its fair amount of time-in-the-limelight, and this was during the time of the famous Columbia University protests that took place in the year 1968. The reason for the entire hullabaloo was that the University had proposed to build a gymnasium on the Park. This was a joint project of the University and the city. The project, however, met a lot of protests, and was finally completely abandoned.

The Park, in recent times, became part of the Daffodil Project. There were thousands of daffodils that were planted here in memory of all those who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy.

Columbia University:
In between Broadway and Morningside Drive stands the Columbia University. One of the eight members of the Ivy League. The Columbia University is one of the oldest private research universities in NYC. Almost 90% of the University’s undergraduate students go to a graduate school; and this is seen to happen in almost every academic, professional and vocational field. The main campus building is known to cover more than 6 city blocks; and that roughly translates to about 32 acres of Morningside Heights.

Research Underway:
Moving towards the North is St. Nicholas Park and adjoining it is The New York Structural Biology Center (NYSBC). This is a consortium of renowned academic research centers as a not-for-profit cooperative to provide advanced instrumentation for structural biology.

Grant’s Tomb:
This tomb belongs to the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant. The mausoleum also contains the remains of his wife, Julia Dent Grant. Situated in the Morningside Heights Neighborhood, Grant’s Tomb is an important addition to Zip 10027.

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